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The Gate School of Ministry student will be discipled in three core values. These values are developed through 7 courses designed to release the student in changing the world with confidence.

Closeness with God: To walk in intimate daily communion with God

Identity in Christ: Exhibit an understanding of their own identity in Christ

Changing the World: Being able to articulate, see, and act with boldness with boldness in opportunities for mission kingdom advancement affecting their sphere of influence.

Starting date will be Thursday, September 7th. Each week is from 6:30pm-8:45pm. There are 8 courses that run 6 weeks with reading assignments, homework and an exam for each course. Each course has an instructor that will teach on a specifically designed topic. You have the option of taking the school by course or by the full year which is 32 weeks.

Full year cost is $196.00 and course cost is $28.00.

Attendee Types

  • $196 – Full Year Tuition
  • $28 – Hearing the Voice of God - Dale Stoebner (Sept 7th-28th)
  • $28 – The Heart of Worship - Jeremy Iversen/Dan Harwell/Melissa Breems (Oct. 10th-24th)
  • $28 – The Fathers Love- Jeff Reuter (Nov 2nd-30th)
  • $28 – The Culture of Honor - Dan Harwell (Dec 7th-14th)
  • $28 – Sozo Training - Kathleen Harwell (Jan 4th-25th)
  • $28 – Prophecy Class Part 1 - Candace Schwab (Feb 1st-22nd)
  • $28 – Building a Discipleship Culture - Jared Dupert (March 1-22)
  • $28 – Prophetic Evangelism - David Schwab (April 5-26)
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First Year - Gate School of Ministry 2017/2018

Event Details

  • Sep 7
    6:30 pm
    Apr 26
    8:45 pm